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Every Mom

Every Body

Every Mom,

Every Body.

Pregnancy, in every phase, changes our bodies.

We seem to want to pretend it doesn’t, but it does.

And that’s not a bad thing! It’s just a fact of life.
This program isn’t about reclaiming that “pre-pregnancy” body.
It isn’t about being able to bounce back as if nothing happened.
It’s not just about getting sexy back.

(Hint: You never lost sexy, you gorgeous thing you.)

It’s about embracing this incredible new you, even if she doesn’t feel so familiar. 

It’s about being kind and compassionate with this new you, understanding you’ve been through a lot!
It’s about being able to be as strong, as sexy and as capable as you want to be, regardless of how you were before.
Pregnancy changes you.  It does not own you. 
You own you.  You own every single glorious part of you. 
Own it.

This is my passion. 

If you want to hear me get fired up, get me talking about modern life and our current views on prenatal and postnatal care.    I want to see people get the support and encouragement they need after the life-changing experience of pregnancy. 

Take a watch of this video and you’ll see what this program means to me, and by that, can mean for you!


When can I join an Every Mom, Every Body program if I am prenatal/(pregnant)?

For prenatal programs and coaching, each trimester comes with its own considerations and will be adjusted based on current condition, doctor’s clearance and client comfort and exercise history.

What if my child is no longer an infant? Can I still do this program?

It’s never too late to work on your pelvic floor function! As women and moms, we can always keep working on maintaining or gaining good function of our core and pelvic floor muscles.

How do I know if this program is going to be right for me?

If you are feeling like your abs are weak, your back and neck ache after feeding, and you’re feeling frustrated and embarrassed by every sneeze, cough or jump, and you are just not feeling like you can move, feel, and live as confident, pain-free, and badass as you want to be, then this program is definitely for you!

When can I join an Every Mom, Every Body program if I am postnatal?

For postpartum programs and coaching, as soon as 2-3 weeks after birth. Most moms, whether they’ve had a vaginal birth or a Cesarean, can start an appropriate movement routine as soon as 2-3 weeks after childbirth. Of course, always check with your doctor to make sure that you are cleared for this start date. Guidelines for dates are just that: Guidelines. Don’t push yourself if you are experiencing pain due to birth.

For strength training and conditioning beyond core and pelvic floor and gentle movements, you will need a 6-week clearance for exercise and then it will always depend on you, your body, your birth, your baby, and your life, but generally speaking, yes! The program and coaching are designed to be appropriate for an early postpartum body.
And for anybody that needs to facilitate healing, create enjoyable movement and build stability and strength from the inside, out.

For postpartum programs, Is this program appropriate for pelvic organ prolapse?

Yes, all the core and pelvic floor exercises can be appropriate for pelvic organ prolapse. Prolapse is so individual so you should check with your physical therapist to ensure they’re appropriate for your specific grade and situation.

What is the cost of an Every Mom, Every Body program?

There are different options available from one-on-one coaching, to small group coaching, to larger group classes and workshops. You will need to contact Ansley directly to discuss which coaching options are available and which one will best work for you.

Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay